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The Circus Comes to Town 3/27 - 3/31

posted Mar 26, 2017, 4:34 AM by Claudia Peterson
The circus is coming to our class!  As we review shapes, colors and the numbers 1-20 we will have a week full of circus activities.  We will make shape clowns to decorate the classroom and each child will decorate a clown hat, collar and nose. After reading the book Twenty-One Elephants we will divide into groups to construct a bridge that can hold twenty-one elephants (we will use bears).  Also on the agenda is a morning full of balancing exercises and fun.  On Friday we will dress in our clown costume that we made and enjoy juggling, walking the tightrope and jumping through hoops of fire!  We will then enjoy a circus snack of cotton candy, popcorn and ice cream.  Our letter of the week is Z.  If you are unable to find an object that begins with Z please send in an object that is related to a circus.

On Tuesday, March 28th through Friday, March 31st we will be going through Middle States Reaccreditation.
Please make sure your child is in full uniform.  Also please speak to them about being on their best behavior for our guests.

Friday, March 31st - 12 dismissal - No Aftercare

I am still looking for a family to volunteer to send in items for our egg hunt.  Pleas let me know if you can help.

Dress down tomorrow 3/27 - $2 - Gala dinner

Please continue to review the family folder and school calendar.